1. smash, shatter, batter, beat, crash; fracture, fragmentize, splinter, shiver, tear, chip, crack, snap; split, rend, reave, tear apart, wrench apart, pull to pieces; cleave, sunder, disjoint, cut off, break off, sever; crush, grind, pulverize, mash, granulate, hash, crumble, powder, pound; destroy, demolish, wreck, Sl. total, Sl. bust, ruin, knock to pieces; cut up, chop up, mince, hack up; mangle, lacerate, maim, make mincemeat of, mutilate; explode, burst, rupture, fulminate, blast.
2. infringe, breach, infract, commit a breach or infraction, violate, transgress, disobey, defy, contravene; oppose, act counter to, contradict, cancel out; ignore, disregard, neglect, pass over, disdain, scorn; fail to notice, take no note of, let slip or slide, forget, shirk, slight.
3. annul, nullify, disannul, abolish, declare null and void; quash, invalidate, vacate, disenact, cancel, discharge, set aside; repeal, revoke, rescind.
4. pierce, perforate, puncture; penetrate, reach into, tap, broach, open up; drill, mine, tunnel, burrow; drive, force into, work; stab, pink, sink, stick, prick.
5. interrupt, interfere, punctuate, Sl. butt in; interject, interpose, intrude, intervene; obstruct, get in the way of, choke off; discontinue, disconnect, break off, suspend, intermit; hinder, inhibit, impede, retard; stop, halt, arrest, restrain, check, cease, shut down, stay, stem.
6. overcome, overpower, overwhelm; crush, defeat, worst, beat down, put down, squelch; suppress, subdue, abort, extinguish, stamp out; humble, humiliate, bring [s.o.] to his knees.
7. decode, decipher, solve, figure out, unravel, untangle; translate, interpret, construe.
8. divide up, Inf. divvy up, subdivide, separate, partition, set apart; break up, scatter, disperse, disband, dismiss, dispel; disrupt, upset, unsettle.
9. betray, reveal, divulge, let the cat out of the bag, give away, blab, blurt out, let slip, disclose; violate a confidence, reveal the secrets of, whisper about; exhibit, display, vent, show, manifest, evince; unmask, uncover, unfold, bare, expose, bring to light, lay bare.
10. weaken, impair, invalidate, incapacitate, cripple, handicap, undermine; (all usu. of health) lose ground, take a turn for the worse, go downhill; (all usu. of psychological or emotional health) crack, let go, come apart at the seams, go to pieces, Sl. lose it, Sl. lose one's cool, break down.
11. initiate, begin, actuate, instigate, set in motion, start the ball rolling, take the first step, take the initiative, take the plunge, make a start, break the ice; break ground, institute, inaugurate, found, establish, set up.
12. break downa.See def .
10.b. founder, collapse, topple down; come apart, break, go to pieces, fall to pieces; stop working, die out, Sl. conk out, Sl. go kaput.
13. break witha. depart from, separate from; break away, leave, escape.b. repudiate, renounce, disavow, disclaim, reject, wash one's hands of.
14. break ina. enter, go in or into, find one's way into, edge in, Inf. worm oneself into; burst in, barge in.b. train, initiate, show [s.o.] the ropes, condition, prepare.c. get used to, begin to wear or use.d.See def .
5. e. burglarize, rob. See rob (defs.1-3).
15. break someone's heart disappoint, disillusion, let down; abandon, jilt, forsake, run out on, desert, turn one's back on.
16. break upa.(of a personal relationship) sever, break the ties, go separate ways; end, terminate, stop, cease, give up on.b. make [s.o.] laugh, amuse, entertain, divert; laugh, giggle, chuckle, roar, Inf. double up with laughter.
17. crack, shatter, snap, smash; fracture, splinter, shiver, chip; explosion, burst, rupture, blast; split, tear, rent, flaw, fissure, cleft, Archaic. scissure; crevice, chasm, schism, cleavage, rift, breach, chink, slit, rip; gap, opening, hole, gulf, cavity, leak; slash, gash, cut.
18. altercation, difference, falling out, divergence, variance; parting of the ways, breaking up, breaking off, separation, disunion; discord, dissension, dissent, disagreement, friction, disruption, conflict, contention; dispute, tiff, argument, quarrel, misunderstanding.
19. interruption, interference, intrusion, punctuation; interjection, intervention, interposition; suspension, discontinuation, hiatus, lacuna; intermission, interlude, recess, rest, respite; pause, interval, lapse; division, Class. Prosody. caesura; stoppage, arrest, cessation; omission, space, gap.

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